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Hand Crafted Goods Made Fairly In Third World Countries:Please shop here.

by Staff
January 2003

World Finds is a haven for handcrafted items from far-flung places around the world. It's also commerce with conscience. WorldFinds's purpose is two-fold: to bring unusual products to the US market while ensuring the artisans earn a fair price for their work. This is especially important, as our products are mostly handmade by women living in third world countries. Worldfinds further explains We're trying to help preserve ancient skills of craftsmanship while inspiring a new generation of creativity. This fine organization was inspired during a trip in 1999, and you can buy products fairly made in countries such as Nepal to Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Africa.

Global Crafts was initiated and is still supported by volunteers in Kenya. The volunteers are from VSO London and the US Peace Corps. We started with a vision of promoting local artisans in Kenya, where we were placed, to our friends and colleagues back home. Today Global Crafts is seeking to attract community groups world wide. We hope that during the next year the project will come into profit and we will be able to use the proceeds to support other projects in Africa. You can easily buy African made products - Musical Instruments, toys, baskets, carvings, greeting cards, coffee, . . . all fairly made, all supporting native West African in working friendly environments.

Ten Thousand Villages provides vital, fair income to Third World artisans by marketing their handicrafts and telling their stories in North America. Intriguing handcrafted merchandise from around the world. Artisans will be from poorer sectors of society and will be unemployed or under- employed. Preference is given to artisans living in less developed or developing countries. Artisans are paid fairly for work done based on local economic conditions. Ten Thousand Villages is a member of the International Federation for Alternative Trade, (IFAT), a coalition of Third World handicraft and agricultural organizations and ATOs from both the North and the South. For more information on Ten Thousand Villages, visit their web sit or contact them below. Ten Thousand Villages 704 Main Street PO Box 500 Akron, PA17501-0500 Go to their web site to find a store near you. Some of the store locations are ---- In NJ - Princeton, Florida - Daytona Beach, NY - Albany, Rochester, Ithaca, California - Sonoma, Reedley, Quebec - Montreal, Pointe Claire, British Columbia - Abbotsford.

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