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Immaculata High School Official School Website

URL: http://www.immaculatahighschool.org/

Immaculata High School Spartan Marching Band

URL: http://www.ihsband.org/

Immaculata High School Model United Nations Program

URL: http://www.ihsmun.org/

Child Slave Labor Related Links

The Global Exchange

URL: http://www.globalexchange.org/

The Global Exchange is a human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world. Ever since their founding in 1988, they have been striving to increase global awareness among the US public while building international partnerships around the world. Their goals are to educate the U.S. public about critical global issues, to promote respect for the rights outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to encourage both the U.S. government and private institutions to support policies that promote democratic and sustainable development, and to link people in our own country and people in the global South who are working for political, social and environmental justice.


URL: http://www.sweatshopwatch.org/

Sweatshop Watch is a coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, women's, religious & student organizations, and individuals committed to eliminating sweatshop conditions in the global garment industry. We believe that workers should be earning a living wage in a safe and decent working environment, and that those who benefit the most from the exploitation of sweatshop workers must be held accountable.

Christian Solidarity International

URL: http://www.csi-int.ch/

Christian Solidarity International (CSI) is a Christian human rights organization for religious liberty helping victims of religious repression, victimized children and victims of disaster. CSI was founded by Reverend. Hans Stückelberger, following silent demonstrations in Switzerland in support of persecuted Christians, in 1977.CSI's primary objective is worldwide respect for the God-given right of every human being to choose his or her faith and to practice it, as stipulated in Article 18 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. CSI's governing body is the International Council, which represents all national affiliates. As a non-profit, independent organization, CSI cooperates with Christians of all denominations as well as with churches, human rights organizations, and the public.

Campaign for Labor Rights

URL: http://campaignforlaborrights.org/

Campaign for Labor Rights (CLR) is an organization that works to inform and mobilize grassroots activists in solidarity with major, international anti-sweatshop struggles. CLR has been called the "grassroots mobilizing department" of the anti-sweatshop movement. Coordinating with over 500 communities in the U.S. as well as other local, national, and international anti-sweatshop groups, CLR attacks the root causes of poverty, oppression, and global economic disparity. Its campaigns and strategy are designed in solidarity and collaboration with workers struggling to gain the right to organize, the right to earn a living wage in a clean, safe work environment, and the right to bargain collectively with their bosses. CLR promotes a broad, contextual understanding of sweatshops by locating them within the current structure of economic globalization, and it promotes resistance to this structure in local communities. At a time when U.S. consumers are becoming more concerned and aware of the conditions under which their goods are produced, CLR pushes for disclosure and accountability within the current trend of economic globalization. CLR works to have the right to organize recognized as a fundamental human right.

National Consumers League

URL: http://www.natlconsumersleague.org/

Our mission is to identify, protect, represent, and advance the economic and social interests of consumers and workers. The National Consumers League is a private, nonprofit advocacy group representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues. We are the nation's oldest consumer organization. NCL provides government, businesses, and other organizations with the consumer's perspective on concerns including child labor, privacy, food safety, and medication information.

UNITE- Stop Sweatshirts Campaign!

URL: http://www.uniteunion.org/sweatshops/index.htm

UNITE is a group of people from all around the world who's main mission is to organize a union of people against slave labor. The union is supporting workers in other countries who are fighting to organize their own unions to improve wages and working conditions. UNITE believes that helping workers organize unions in the Philippines or the Dominican Republic is good for workers there and here. When those workers win, UNITE win too. UNITE is working with college students who are demanding that their universities take responsibility for college logo apparel. UNITE is working with religious and community leaders to demand that retailers take responsibility for the conditions under which their products are made. This, along with constant political pressure, allows UNITE to hold politicians accountable for their actions on sweatshop issues. Along with this message of taking responsibility for one's actions, UNITE realizes that giant retail chains and name-brand clothing companies are driving the sweatshop system. UNITE is working with our allies to demand that retailers take responsibility for decent working conditions.

Maquila Solidarity Network

URL: http://www.maquilasolidarity.org/

The Maquila Solidarity Network (MSN) is a Canadian network promoting solidarity with groups in Mexico, Central America, and Asia organizing in maquiladora factories and export processing zones to improve conditions and win a living wage. In a global economy it is essential that groups in the North and South work together for employment with dignity, fair wages and working conditions, and healthy workplaces and communities. Everyone can play a part in ending sweatshop abuses. We can join together in protesting particular abuses of major brand-name companies. We can demand improved government legislation and its enforcement. And we can work within our organizations and public institutions to develop "No Sweat" purchasing and procurement policies that increase pressure for public access to information and respect for workers' rights. Campaigns targeting different organizations and institutions will add to the pressure for industry-wide solutions to the growing problem of sweatshop abuses. Successful university campaigns have already forced several major corporations to disclose production locations in order to comply with university codes of conduct. Companies that want to continue to sell to large buyers like universities will have to accept independent monitoring of workplace conditions, and work with their suppliers to improve working conditions.

Anti- Slavery International

URL: http://www.antislavery.org/homepage/antislavery/about.htm

Anti-Slavery International is the world's oldest international human rights organization, founded in 1839. It is the only charity in the United Kingdom to work exclusively against slavery and related abuses. We work at local, national and international levels to eliminate the system of slavery around the world by: Urging governments of countries with slavery to develop and implement measures to end it; Lobbying governments and intergovernmental agencies to make slavery a priority issue; Supporting research to assess the scale of slavery in order to identify measures to end it; Working with local organizations to raise public awareness of slavery; Educating the public about the realities of slavery and campaigning for its end.

Fisek Institute Science & Actions Foundation for Child Labor

URL: http://www.fisek.org/emain.php3

The Fisek Institute is a non-governmental organization acting in the field of occupational health and safety at the national level. It focuses on the continuation and enrichment of the community medicine philosophy by its applications especially for small and medium scale enterprises and working children. It aims at making use of medicine to protect and improve the community's health, at making use of social sciences to protect and improve the people's social lives, at making use of engineering sciences to purify living and working conditions from hazards and to combine all of these to implement theoretical and practical studies. At the same time, it aims to raise the consciousness of the public in order to remove the reasons forcing children to work; to eliminate the factors that are dangerous for their health and safety at work; to ensure improvement of health, identity and self-esteem of the working children.


URL: http://iabolish.com/

iAbolish is a project of the American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG), a grassroots organization founded in 1993 to combat slavery around the world. AASG has broken a virtual media blackout on slavery and helped free over 45,000 slaves. AASG Directors - including survivors of slavery - have testified to Congress three times and met twice with the Secretary of State.

Clean Clothes Campaign

URL: http://www.cleanclothes.org/

This organization aims to improve working conditions in the worldwide garment industry. The Clean Clothes Campaigns in each country are coalitions of consumer organizations, trade unions, human rights and women rights organizations, researchers, solidarity groups and activists. Every national campaign operates autonomously. However, we do work together towards international action. Twice a year representatives from the national secretariats of each CCC gather to exchange information and co-ordinate activities as they are needed on the international level (for example, in negotiations with multinational companies). The campaigns co-operate with organizations all over the world, especially organizations of garment workers (in factories of all sizes), home workers and migrant workers (including those without valid) working papers. Above all the Clean Clothes Campaign is a consumer campaign -- its strength comes from consumer power. The purchasing power of consumers is being mobilized on the issue of working conditions in the garment industry.

The National Labor Committee

URL: http://www.nlcnet.org/

The National Labor Committee (NLC) is a human rights advocacy group, dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of workers. Through establishing long standing working relationships with non-governmental, human rights, labor and religious organizations, primarily in Latin America, the NLC puts a human face on the global economy. The NLC educates and actively involves the public in actions aimed at ending labor abuses, improving living conditions for workers and their families and promoting the concept of a living wage and true independent monitoring. In just the last few years the NLC has organized several ground breaking campaigns targeting large corporations such as the Gap, Liz Claiborne, Kathie Lee Gifford/Wal-Mart, and the Walt Disney Company. These campaigns have put the issue of sweatshops on the national agenda and created an enormous grassroots movement to hold corporations accountable for their human and labor rights practices. The NLC's direct and creative approach to labor rights, including our high profile campaign style, has generated an overwhelming amount of interest around human and labor rights issues in this country. This in turn has generated a host of groups that want to work on these issues. We have successfully brought together many different groups interested in worker rights and have created a strong national coalition to fight for increased corporate accountability in the global economy. The single most outstanding aspect of the NLC's work is the immense popular support and participation it generates from a highly diversified social base that surpasses gender, class, and racial lines. Our campaigns involve active participation from students (in all educational levels from elementary school to graduate school students), teachers, church ministers, rabbis, academics, union officials and members, solidarity groups, human rights activists, religious and labor organizations, both domestically and internationally. Our campaigns demonstrate that a small nonprofit organization working with a network of concerned citizens and activists can successfully challenge multi-billion dollar corporations.

Global March Against Child Labor

URL: http://www.globalmarch.org/

In the shadows of your favorite soccer games, there are many children spending their childhood stitching footballs at the cost of their education. Find out what the campaign has accomplished. Find out the shocking truth about current status of child labour, including slavery, trafficking, child prostitution / pornography, children used in crime, child soldiers, & child servants. Read the latest developments in the fight against child labour in our e-newsletter. It gives an insight to key issues regarding the world's neglected children.

Student Committee Against Labor Organizations

URL: http://www.nlcnet.org/scale/main.htm

High school students volunteering at the National Labor Committee created SCALE in November of 1998. In June of 1999,SCALE organized its first demonstration in front of a Gap store in downtown Manhattan. The protest showed that teenagers are conscious consumers who know about the use of sweatshops in the apparel and shoe industries. It also allowed us to express our dissatisfaction with the human rights abuses that occur in these sweatshops. We raised our voices again in December of 1999, when we took part in a candlelight vigil /protest with the National Labor Committee and other socially conscious groups. The turnout was huge, and more importantly, a majority of those at the protest were high school students. This proved yet again that teenagers are educating themselves and becoming part of the movement to end sweatshop abuses. Right now, SCALE is focusing our attention on Gap Inc., the corporation that owns Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. We are running a petition drive to get the Gap to release the locations of its factories, so that independent monitors can assess the working conditions at these sites. We also held a demonstration on June 4th outside the Gap on 17th street and 5th avenue. This once again showed the large corporations that the voice of teenage consumers is one to be reckoned with. To join SCALE or help organize an event, you can contact the National Labor Committee by phone @ (212) 242-3002 or e-mail us @ nlc@nlcnet.org.

Free The Children Campaign

URL: http://www.freethechildren.org/

Free The Children Campaign is a group of over 100,000 children worldwide who fight for the rights of their less fortunate peers. Free The Children consists of volunteers from over 35 countries. The group has initiated the construction of over 300 elementary schools. Free The Children has also provided school supplies for the children who attend these schools. The organization has created rehabilitation centers for freed child slaves from India. The group also provides medical care to the recovering child slaves. Many teachers volunteer to teach child sugar cane workers to read. A group of caring people has joined under this campaign.

Co-Op American Sweatshops

URL: http://www.coopamerica.org/

Co-Op America urges the people in this country to buy goods from companies that do not use slave labor. As a consumer, you have the power to help put an end to sweatshops. No one wants to buy products that are made in sweatshops, but it can be hard to know how to avoid it. That's where Co-op America's Guide to Ending Sweatshops and Promoting Fair Trade comes in, with practical tips and resources you can use to make a difference. You can take action to end sweatshops and promote Fair Trade. Co-Op America also urges us to take action in order to form a sweat-shop free environment. The following information will help you and the groups you work with join strategic campaigns to build a just economy, take everyday action within your community, and find out more about Co-op America resources.

Stolen Dreams - Photo's of Child Labor

URL: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/gallery/intro.html

David Parker, MD - My personal challenge is to present photographs that raise questions such as: Under what circumstances and conditions should children work? What is the nature of work conducted by children in different parts of the world? How do we draw the boundaries between what we do and do not allow children to do? What role should the nations of the world play in controlling child labor? What alternatives to work do children have and how are these alternatives decided from nation to nation?

Educate the Children

URL: http://www.etc-nepal.org/

Educate the Children is a small, Is a grassroots Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in1990, which conducts educational and community development projects in Nepal. We pride ourselves on running programs which promote self-help and local initiative, and which are designed and carried out by a Nepali professional staff.

Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)

URL: http://www.cispes.org/english/index.html

CISPES has a campaign to challenge the U.S. Agency for International Development on its role in setting up free trade zones in El Salvador while ignoring labor rights violations in those FTZ's and its role in promoting privatization of Salvadoran assets such as the phone company, ANTEL. Privatization, among its other failings, is a major tool for union busting. Another focus of the campaign, Citibank, is involved in the process of privatizing ANTEL at the same time that Citibank engages in union busting at home.

Campaign for Labor Rights

URL: http://campaignforlaborrights.org/

It is the mission of the Campaign for Labor Rights (CLR) to mobilize grassroots support throughout thUnited States to promote economic and social justice by campaigning to end labor rights violations around the world. CLR educates about, and advocate against, the underlying causes of the global sweatshop. Its campaign strategies are designed in collaboration with workers struggling to gain the right to organize, the right to earn a living wage in a clean, safe work environment, and the right to bargain collectively with their bosses. Through these campaigns CLR's goal is to empower workers.

Support Committee For Maquiladora Workers

URL: http://enchantedwebsites.com/maquiladora/

In their drive for higher profits, thousands of corporations have turned to Mexico in search of lower wages. South of the border they can also avoid health, safety and environmental restrictions, and representative Union Organizing. In Tijuana, workers arrive from the south of Mexico in search of a better life. Instead, they find that the U.S. and Asian owned plants barely provide enough to survive. With an average of $25-$35 for a 48-60 hour week, maquiladora workers cannot afford to rent housing, and must build their own shacks on land near the companies. The incidence of birth defects, miscarriages, and disease has shot up in these areas where plants have dumped their toxic wastes with abandon. Efforts to improve conditions have been met with brutal repression.

US Labor Education in the America's Project

URL: http://www.usleap.org/

US/LEAP (formerly the U.S./Guatemala Labor Education Project) is an independent non-profit organization that's upports economic justice and basic rights for workers in Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. US/LEAP focuses especially on the struggles of those workers who are employed directly or indirectly by U.S. companies such as Starbucks (coffee), Chiquita (bananas), and Phillips-Van Heusen (clothing).

Child Labor Awareness

URL: http://childlabor.typepad.com/

Run by Kate Grant, this non-profit blog is dedicated to the sole purpose of preventing child labor in the 21st Century. The blog collects the latest news and information regarding the subject, with reference to the origin.

Available online at http://ihscslnews.org/

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